Recently everyone has been talking about the potential effects of a stronger El Nino weather system this winter. Some people, such as snow and ice management contractors, need to know what to expect in order to make important business decisions. Snow management employees would like to know how often they will be working this season. Other people are just curious how many times they’ll need to get out their snowblower to clear their driveway. With so many people asking the same question, it’s no wonder that so many weather organizations have claimed to know the answer.

So what’s the consensus? “Snow Filled & Frigid” in Metro Detroit reports the Farmers’ Almanac (1). Whereas the Weather Channel predicts “Above Average” temperatures for us with “Below Average” precipitation (2). Alternately, there is an “equal chance” for above or below average winter precipitaition in our region, according to (3). In other words, it seems there is a huge amount of disagreement among the professionals as far as what we should expect from the upcoming winter.

It seems that as advanced as our technology gets there are still things we can’t predict, such as the weather. The best course of action is to consult multiple sources and not put too much faith in any one prediction. No matter what the experts forecast, the best way to prepare for this winter is to try to be prepared for anything.