A National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge ruled that Quicken Loans, along with 4 other related companies, had to change their employee manual to remove parts that could be infringing on their workers’ rights. The manual was 200 pages long and was called the “Big Book.” The NLRB ALJ told Quicken Loans they needed to make 24 revisions to the employee manual and post a notice to employees acknowledging that the company had made a mistake.

One of the quotes from the “Big Book” deemed too broad:

“The Company’s buildings, offices, common areas, facilities, parking lots, automobiles, data centers, mail rooms and the like, whether leased or own, are to be used only for conducting Company business and transactions, and for no other purpose.”

This was determined to infringe upon the employees’ rights to unionize.

For more information, you can read about the case here.