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Looking for answers?  Some of our most common questions are answered below.  If you need additional assistance please give us a call at 855-MERITHALL or submit your question via our contact page.

Yes, MeritHall permits contractors to permanently hire temporary or seasonal employees. The process and fee for directly hiring an existing temporary employee will vary depending on the circumstances.

Day-to-day oversight is typically provided by the client’s on-site supervisor. Other responsibilities, such as payroll, insurance, workers’ compensation, and unemployment, are managed by the staffing firm. This alleviates human resource-related paperwork challenges for the client and allows the company to concentrate on other aspects of its business.

Workforce flexibility is one of the best reasons to work with a staffing company, as it allows contractors to remain fully staffed during busy times. Whether the need is for a temporary, seasonal, or direct hire position, staffing companies allow businesses to adjust their workforces to meet their changing needs. Staffing companies are also experts at recruiting. They have the expertise and networks to connect you to the people you need. They provide pertinent industry information and updates as the economic, legal, and regulatory landscape continues to evolve.

We have a combined industry experience of over 25 years.

During the winter of 2013/14 we noticed our customers were all facing the same problem: they could not find salt.

We purchase significant tonnage from multiple sources, which allows us to source salt in a cost-effective way. You are guaranteed delivery of the amount you order, however, once we exhaust our supply we cannot take any more orders.

MeritHall will coordinate the trucking. Normal deliveries times are Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm. We will provide a list of all deliveries made each day along with the status of unmade deliveries and invoices. Trucks deliver 40-50 tons per load.

We appreciate 48 hours notice (especially if you are not an existing customer), but understand the impacts of not having road salt during an event. We’ll try to work with you as best we can.

We plan to maintain a consistent supply of North American Salt.

Yes. We offer pickup direct from our dock in Metro Detroit. You must coordinate your own shipping.

We encourage all customers to pre-season buy. This enables MeritHall to lock in pricing and guarantee availability. We can do mid-season purchasing but due to the volatility of the market this is not the best option. All pre-season orders are guaranteed at the price and quantity agreed upon, with all orders needing to be picked up or delivered before December 31, 2015.

We try. If it falls within one of our divisions chances are we probably have someone on staff that will meet your project needs. However, sometimes you might need something so specific that we don’t have them on staff, or  they aren’t available. If you’ve got time we’re more than happy to look through our network and see if we can find someone that matches your qualifications. Give us a description of what you need and we’ll do our best to find the person. It’s free to ask, and you might as well make us work for it.

If the type of worker you are searching for falls outside our normal scope of work we’ll gladly refer you to someone else that may be able to help.

We recruit people from a variety of sources depending on the position. Some of the places we find people are:

  • Trade Schools
  • Previous industry contacts and partnerships
  • Our Clients – Workforce Management Program
  • Job Fairs & Other Recruitment Events
  • Advertisements in trade magazines and publications – ABC, CAM, MGIA, SIMA, BOMA,…
  • Employee referrals
  • Online Job Boards

Michigan_countiesWe’re based in Detroit, but we’ve done work throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, California, New Mexico, Virginia, and Georgia. While we can’t service all locations, we’ll do our best to make it work especially if you have a long term project. Our primary service area is below:

At MeritHall we strive to provide you with the right person for the job each and every time.  Here are a few reasons to get your labor from MeritHall.  Need more? Take a look at what our customers are saying.

  • Clean Appearance & Appropriate PPE – Trade Professionals show up to your job site wearing presentable clothing appropriate for the work being performed. This includes a hard hat, boots, safety glass, a MeritHall T-shirt, and appropriate leg-wear.
  • Superior Service – Your business doesn’t stop at 5pm – why should we?  Our Executive Team and Account Representatives are available to handle last minute staffing requests and adjustments regardless of the time.  Client satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  • Experienced Account Representatives – At MeritHall you’re speaking with account representatives who have previous construction (landscaping) experience. We know how frustrating it is to be sent someone who can’t complete the task they were sent to complete, or can’t complete it to your level of quality.
  • Our Workforce Is Fully Equipped – MeritHall workers come with a binder containing all of the information you need to get the most out of your worker. This binder includes a printed version of their MeritHall.com Construction Snapshot, a profile of their construction skills. In addition, you will find scanned licenses, certifications, and timesheets. Trade Professionals are dedicated to their craft and seek out opportunities to learn and master new skills. They own and take care of the basic tools of their craft.
  • On Time Guarantee – Late workers can ruin a project schedule.  We work hard to get our workers to the job site on time.  In fact, if one of our workers is late to your jobsite the first hour is on us.

It depends.  Let us know what type of workers you are looking for and we’ll let you know how long it’ll take to provide them.  Response times range from an hour to a week depending on the skills and certification requirements of your job, the location, and worker availability.  The more notice we have the more likely it is that we can accommodate your request.

Each of  the workers we source for your projects are employed by MeritHall – we do not have 10-99 subcontractors. Our price includes the cost of wages, payroll taxes including unemployment insurance, general liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.  We establish an hourly bill rate for each labor classification based on these factors.

We want to get you the right person for your project each and every time.  Our Account Representatives have worked in the industries they staff, and test all candidates appropriately for the job(s) they apply for.   All MeritHall employees sent to your job site have passed our screening process which includes interviews, background checks, and reference checks.  If you have specific tests you would like us to perform give us a call.

We maintain insurance limits that are suitable for typical commercial construction jobs.  We’ve never had a problem meeting project requirements.  If you have a job that requires high limits or need us to provide you with the exact limits before making a decision to use us give us a call.

It depends.  MeritHall performs pre-project drug testing at the request of the client, sometimes at no charge.   If you have special drug screen requirements let us know – we’ll work it out.

All of MeritHall’s employees are covered under our worker’s compensation, general liability, and unemployment insurances.  We maintain insurance limits that are suitable for typical commercial construction jobs.  If you have questions about specific coverage give us a call.

Yes.  MeritHall works in partnership with the Detroit Training Center to provide training to MeritHall employees.  Check with the MeritHall office to learn about upcoming training courses and eligibility requirements.

Yes.  MeritHall extends NET 7 credit to all licensed contractors.  Contact your MeritHall Account Representative to see what credit terms are available for your organization.

MeritHall accepts requests for personnel by phone, fax, email, or our online contact form here.  We’ll need you to answer a few questions such as the type of work being performed, the location and hours of work, and your certification and tool requirements.  You must have an executed Service Agreement before we can send our employees to your worksite.  Contact your MeritHall Account Representative to get started.

MeritHall employees track hours worked on a timesheet that must be signed by your site supervisor at the end of each day.  Timesheets are collected weekly and invoices are sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays for work performed in the week prior.  All invoices are due according to your organizations specific billing terms.

Yes.  MeritHall also performs extended background checks according to your company policies or project requirements.  If you have specific requirements please let us know before placing your order.  In many cases this service is at no cost to the client, further incentivizing us to get the right person for the job the first time.  Our employees have worked on high security projects including schools, government buildings, oil refineries, and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.