Bagged Ice Melt

Blue Icinator melts to -22F and has a moisture content of 0.3%. It weighs 20% less than rock salt which means less weight in your truck and more product for your money.

Comparison with Rock Salt

SHRP H-205.2 testing provides data on the actual or time dependent quantities of ice melted by a deicer, so that these quantities can be compared to theoretical or equilibrium quantities of ice and can be employed to estimate quantities melted under field conditions within reasonable lengths of time.

The test may be employed to establish useful temperature ranges, to compare generic classes of deicers or evaluate new or modified deicers, and to ascertain the effects of variables such as particle size or deicer application rates.

Here’s how Blue Icinator compared to Rock Salt:

More Ice Melted @ 14F
More Ice Melted @ -4F
More Ice Melted @ -22F
Download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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