Title Administrative/Clerical Person
Categories Office Clerical
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 2
Employment Type Temporary Staffing
Public Description

Requires 2 Clerical Support positions for an office in
Mt. Clemens, MI; may also spend some time in the Clinton Township, MI office as well.

Job Title: Program Support Specialist

Wage: $15.00 Per Hour.

Start Date: Monday, June 17, 2019 or ASAP.

Employee is covering for employees that are out on medical leave of absence, so the assignment will likely last 4 – 12 weeks, depending on when the employees return to work.  

Must take a typing test, pass a drug screen, criminal background check

and have a clean MVR.

Detailed Job Description: 

Job Title: Program Support Specialist
Department: Youth
Reports To: Lead Career Development Facilitator at assigned office and Youth Manager (Regional).

Hours: Full-time (non-exempt)
Location: Clinton Township, Mt. Clemens

Provide administrative support to the Youth program staff and customers for assigned office(s).
Provide back-up assistance/coverage when other staff are off-site or out of the office.

? Provide paraprofessional services to youth as needed
? Provide administrative support for the Youth Program
? Perform outreach support duties including handling referrals and job
    seeker survey’s and documenting outcomes
? Create and maintain E-mail contact grouping and forward job leads,
    resources, etc. to participants in group
? Participate in program recruitment as needed
? Assist Career Development Facilitators in maintaining regular contact
    with participants
? Maintain accurate and timely case notes of youth contact and
? Conduct follow-up phone calls
? Teach office/work-based learning skills classes to youth
? Create and revise documents for program as needed
? Collect, organize, and file documents
? Perform data entry
? Assist with conducting appropriate assessments for youth
? Assist with intake/registration process and paperwork
? Develop knowledge of program enrollment requirements and
? All other duties as assigned

At this Job, how we act – our behaviors and approach to our work; 
is just as important to our success as completing our duties and achieving our objectives.
Employees and managers have identified the following behaviors as key to being successful here:
Personal Responsibility and Behavior
? Is dependable and personally accountable for his or her own actions
    and for doing the job they were hired to do.
? Takes personal responsibility and pride in the work being done.
? Manages time and deadlines to assure that all commitments to
    customers, funders and others are met; manages personal time.
? Plans and organizes work appropriately.
? Takes ownership of the job; demonstrates independence in achieving
    all expectations for the position.
? Demonstrates flexibility; does whatever is required to serve our
    customers and the needs of the company and the team.
? Treats others with respect and courtesy.
? Follows rules and policies. Respects the decisions of management
    and follows the chain of command.
? Maintains a professional image and behaves professionally in all
? Refrains from gossip and inappropriate comments or remarks
? Maintains a positive and even-tempered disposition, even in the face
    of crisis.

Customer Focus
? Maintains a “customer first” attitude in all actions and decisions;
    recognizes that customers are our first priority.
? Truly cares about our customers and demonstrates that caring and
    compassion in daily effort and overall commitment.
? Treats all customers with dignity and respect; Responds to customers
    in a timely manner, both personally and by phone.
? Sets priorities based on customer needs.
? Serves as a role model for customers; recognizes that we are role
    models all the time, not just when we are proud of what we are doing.

Communication and Teamwork
? Listens to the ideas of others and uses that input to better serve the
    customer and the company.
? Demonstrates professional written and oral communication skills.
? Provides appropriate responses to customers and fellow workers;
    thinks about what is said when responding to an inquiry.
? Works as a team; recognizes the connection between each other’s
? Shares information; doesn’t wait to be asked when the information
    and knowledge can help serve a customer or team member.
? Works to assure that everyone is “on the same page”.
? Helps others; offers assistance when needed, regardless of defined
    Job duties.
? Maintains confidentiality; recognizes the private nature of our work
    and does not discuss specific issues or individuals in inappropriate
    ways. Respects co-worker’s confidentiality. 

Job Knowledge and Continuous Improvement
? Knows what is required on the job; takes steps to assure the quality
    and accuracy of the work.
? Demonstrates competence; seeks and participates in additional
    training or assistance as needed to improve skills or keep them
    current with changing expectations.
? Documents procedures to assure consistency and efficiency.
? Creatively solves problems; looks for new ways to address old issues.
? Identifies root causes of problems; uses data and investigation to find
    out what has really happened.
? Identifies and implements opportunities for improvements; brings
    solutions to management, not just problems.
? Keeps management informed of issues/concerns related to the quality
   and delivery of services to customers.
? Willingly offers new ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve
    our customers or operate our business.
? Takes the initiative to apply new learning and take on new projects.
? Reduces costs; looks for ways to save money or eliminate waste.
? Prevents problems from coming back; doesn’t just “fix” a problem for
    today, but takes the necessary steps to assure that it won’t happen
    again at another time.

? High School Diploma or GED required
? General office experience required
? Experience with federally funded programs and/or at-risk youth
? Ability to type/enter data with speed and accuracy
? Must be proficient in Microsoft Office
? Ability to communicate with the general public, including operating a
? Must be organized, flexible, and able to multi-task
? Driving between offices may be required; must possess a valid driver
    license and automobile insurance
? Ability to communicate with the general public
? Ability to operate a computer and telephone
? Ability to drive

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