Title Automobile Porter / Detailer
Categories Automotive
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 1
Employment Type Temporary Staffing
Public Description

Automobile Porter / Detailer

Job Description:

Client is a Custom Paint & Body Shop specializing in Custom Builds, Complete Restoration and High-end Collision.

Client specialty is Classic Car Restoration and Muscle Car Restoration.                       This includes: Mustang Restoration, Corvette Restoration, Car Customization and Building Hotrod and Resto-mod Cars.

Client does everything from partial restorations to factory correct frame off auto restoration and a lot of stuff in between- all foreign and domestic cars.

Client is looking for talented, seasoned, smart, and energetic Technicians – Auto Mechanics. Ideal candidates carry all skills.

Job Role: Is Full-Time and Hourly Pay

Candidate must have a love for cars as well as an eye for detail.

If you are passionate about cars, Prompt & Reliable, Energetic, Skilled, Perform Quality Workmanship and are Productive; this is the team for you!

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate should be capable of working on Used Vehicles, Classic Vehicles, Restorations and/or Collision Projects.
  • Applicant must have reliable transportation.
  • Highly motivated to succeed!
  • Skilled and dependable.
  • Customer Service skills.
  • Dexterity, Versatile, & Attention to Detail.

Job Type:

Full-Time, Temp-To-Hire after 6-Months

Schedule: Monday through Friday

Hours: 8 AM to 6 PM 

Lunch: 1 Hour (Non-Paid)

Compensation:  Hourly, Wage Rate based on Experience and Qualification


Client Job Description: 

Job Description: Vehicle Detailer (Porter)

  • Lead as point to manage vehicle take in/delivery of vehicle projects: with office manager paperwork/keys and vehicle movement to back shop/front of office for delivery/take in; move to back of shop/front of shop

  • Lead as point to ensure paperwork placed in vehicle upon take in: all work orders placed in new vehicles, keys in proper placement

  • Lead as point to ensure all paperwork given to Office CSR upon delivery, and keys in CSR hands

  • Lead as full-time vehicle detailer: for all vehicles delivering, with some Saturdays as required per delivery dates

    1. Cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors in compliance with all company standards and client requests

    2. Operating buffers, steamers, hoses, vacuums, clay bar, and other equipment to meet service expectations

    3. Using cleaning, protective, and restorative agents to maintain and enhance the appearance of vehicles

    4. Performing inspections and keeping complete, accurate records of the vehicle's condition

    5. Moving and parking vehicles, delivering vehicles to correct locations or picking owners or drivers up if needed

    6. Managing inventory and reordering supplies

    7. Responding to client and Manager inquiries and fulfilling their requests; disclaimer no direct interaction w/ client, directive comes from Owner/Shop Manager

  • Lead as full time Car Sales vehicle detailer: any vehicles incoming or on the lot; keep tidy/clean and ready to sell as required

  • Aid as support to Car Sales for any vehicle movements/positioning etc.

  • Aid as support for any parts errands- pick up/delivery, etc.

  • Aid as support for any customer pick up/drop off as needed

  • Lead overall maintenance of shop/office and property:

    1. Deep clean all bathroom’s shop and office weekly with daily light clean

    2. Ensure all paper products are stocked in both inventory and in use for both bathrooms

      1. toilet paper, paper towels, soap

    3. Empty all trash- shop, bins to dumpster offices, showroom

    4. Sweep, mop shop and showroom: mop weekly, sweep daily

    5. Vacuum office rugs/carpet daily

    6. Clean showroom, keep organized overall tidy, and dust vehicles on show: daily

    7. Property maintenance: grass cutting, weed wacking, litter, water plants, snow blow: weekly/daily

    8. Clean off dew from all used car sales lot vehicles (windows, etc.)

  • 5S system: maintenance and clean up for SHOP daily-

    1. Shop Carts well maintained and stocked: daily and by asking each technician how it should be stocked

    2. Work with technicians to ensure any parts boxes/instructions/parts, etc. are trash/for sale/return, etc.

    3. Materials room stocked/organized and inventory complete: daily check in with as inventory arrives

    4. Make sure everything that is in 5S system is in its proper place for the shop/projects: this is properly tagging and storing parts in parts bins/bolts in bolts bins and ensuring bolts bins are organized/clean

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