Title Cylinder Machine Operator
Categories General Labor
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 1
Employment Type Temporary Staffing
Public Description

Machine Operator: 

Requires: 1 Person Machine Operator, for a Temp-To-Hire Opportunity, ASAP.      The Machine is a Drinkware and/or Cylinder Machine, Specifically, it is a          Dubuit D-150, which is similar to an Auto Roll Machine.


The following are the responsibilities for the Cylinder Machine Operator for the Drinkware Department:

  • At all times UV safe glasses and gloves must be worn

  • Keep up in the UV Curing Unit hours log

  • Set-Up jobs on the appropriate press within 45 minutes per color

  • Run the job with a minimum 144 pcs per hour

  • Perform Preventative Maintenance on press per Owners Manual

  • Fill out production log with each day’s jobs and make sure the hours equal the hours worked

  • Confirm count is correct with Inspector prior to tearing screen down

  • Clean up last 15 minutes of shift even if working OT

  • All misprints in bin

  • All blank product to inventory pallet

  • Extra cardboard boxes broken down and put into recycling dumpster

  • Sweep Floor

  • Wipe down prep tables and catching tables

  • Wipe down ink table and make sure all unused ink is discarded

  • Ink buckets need to be covered

  • Wipe down scale

*** Machine Operators must be at the press at all times. Facilitator will be  responsible for bringing all necessary tools and items to the press ***

Hours: 7:15 AM to 4 PM

Address:  Melvindale, Michigan

Wage Rate: $12-18 Per Hour depending on the experience

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