Title Landscape help needed in Plymouth $13.50 per hour starting plus health
Categories Landscaping
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 2
Employment Type Temporary Staffing
Public Description

Landscape Helpers needed

Some basic knowledge of commercial weed whips, edgers and blowers.  Being able to operate a zero turn lawn more is a plus.  Must be able to arrive to work in Plymouth every day on time.  

Dress-Grey, non-logo t-shirt or hoodie, work pants or jeans (no holes or damage), work boots
Arrival – 7:45 am (8 am start)
Expected to be as late as 7 pm on any given day (M-F, Saturdays are make up days for weather or of the schedule gets behind-they are required)
Time Off – I prefer, and require a 2 week notice for time off, including Saturdays

After 2 weeks Cintas uniforms will be ordered and will generally arrive around 30 days after the start date. The cost to each employee is $13.60 per week.

Must have a valid License with not alcohol related offense within 7 years. 

Wage is $13.50 starting with little experience.  Wages can increase based on experience. Over time and health care too. 

Wage is $13.50

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