Title Maintenance Manager
Categories Management & Sales
Status Accepting Candidates
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Employment Type Direct Hire
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Maintenance Manager

Overview: We need to find a candidate capable of managing internal maintenance technicians and outside vendors to complete regularly scheduled maintenance and work orders in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Candidate will oversee the day to day maintenance operations of the company, including:

1. Supervise and perform regularly scheduled maintenance across the portfolio
2. Generate work orders
3. Respond to work orders generated by tenants, management or owners,
assign responsibility, and ensure completion
4. Coordinate annual maintenance (e.g., LBP Testing and City Inspections)
5. Manage maintenance technicians, make recommendations on hiring,
promotion and termination
6. Work with outside vendors (e.g., Five Points, DiHydro, EZ, ProAction) to
resolve issues, establish routines, and reduce costs
7. Communicate with tenants, management and owners
8. Maintain accurate records of work completed and work to be done
9. Use technology (e.g., Buildium)
10. Improve on all the above (communication, budget, hiring, prevention) to
establish a robust and effective maintenance department that will enable us
to grow

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance — Building Interiors

• General: Monitor equipment, supplies and furnishings, and purchase new as needed.
• Laundry: Check to see that machines are working, drains are cleaned out. We have
contract with CSC for most of our machines, so much of this will be simply ensuring
that the machines are working, and calling in service requests when they are not.
• Boiler: Responsible for boiler blow down daily/weekly (depending on how much is
advisable). Coordinate with boiler company (EZ, or Fire & Ice) and Chemical
Treatment Company (ChemSearch) on starting up and shutting down boiler for
season, as well as maintenance and repairs during the season.
• Water Treatment: Work with DiHydro.
• Cleaning: Walk buildings regularly to ensure that interior common areas are clean.
Responsible for holding outside cleaning company or maintenance technicians
accountable for keeping the buildings clean.
• Lights: Walk building regularly to ensure that common area lights are in proper
working order. Replace bulbs and adjust timers where necessary.
• Smoke detectors: Test common area smoke detectors and replace batteries where
• Drywall/Plaster/Paint: Work with internal team and third parties to keep walls and
other painted surfaces looking good.
• Windows: Ensure good working order, replace screens as needed, assist with tenant
A/C units as needed.
• Exit signs: Test illuminated exit signs regularly to ensure proper working order.
• Mailboxes: Repair broken mailboxes as needed.

• Plumbing: Responsible for monitoring and repairing faucet and drains (e.g., sink in
laundry rooms) and toilets in common areas, and trouble-shooting general plumbing
issues that occur. Work with outside plumber (e.g., Brian Cicotte) to handle larger
issues and for preventative maintenance.
• Electrical: Monitor common area electrical outlets, basement fuses, etc.
• Sump pump: Where applicable, ensure that sump is in working order.
• Elevator: Where applicable, ensure that elevator is in working order and that elevator
contract (Five Points) is performing regularly scheduled inspections as required.
• Pest control: Monitor pest conditions in the common areas of the building, and,
where applicable, conduct annual unit inspections. Work with outside pest control
company to develop and implement pest control plans for buildings. Monitor same
to ensure fidelity to plan.
• Building monitoring: Post tenant notices and keep an eye out for disturbances at the
properties (e.g., particularly noisy tenant, particularly dirty tenant).
• Unit Keys: Will have access to all units, so responsible for handling keys to common
areas and individual units.
• Safety: Monitor stairs and all common areas for safety hazards.
• Unit turns: Work with management to reduce turn times, and bring units to market
as quickly as possible. Work with leasing agents on team to ensure that units are ready
for showings.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance — Building Exteriors:

• Lights: Replace bulbs, make sure timers work. Work with LED companies and/or
green light to ensure building exteriors, parking lots, and common areas are well-lit.
• Safety concerns: Stairs, sidewalks, parking lots. Monitor safety hazards and remedy.
• Gates for parking where applicable: Work with gate companies to ensure gates
continue to work without fail.
• Exterior locks: Make sure all door and gate locks. Work with Fred’s to get keys as
• Landscaping: Responsible for light landscaping. Mostly responsible for working with
outside landscapers.
• Power-wash & Paint
• Keep an eye on building exteriors and advise on tuck-pointing, wood repair, etc.
• Get on the roof as applicable with the roofing company to assess condition and
suggest repairs if needed.
• Pick up trash and sweep (year round), rake leaves (as applicable).
• Shovel snow and distribute salt in winter.

Work Orders:

• Generate or review
• Establish priority (some requests are more important than others)
• Assign responsibility (to internal workers or outside vendors)
• Ensure completion

• Ensure satisfaction via communication
• Manage emergency response: Coordinate with either local (preferably on-site)
emergency person or phone answering service to handle requests that come outside
of regular working hours.

Traits, Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

• A natural preference for order and cleanliness
• Easy to get a hold of
• Demonstrated ability to clearly and consistently communicate
• Superb organization skills
• Basic knowledge of how building systems operate (plumbing, electrical, HVAC,
elevator, mechanical) and how tools work
• An unhealthy obsession with lists and checking things off them
• License to Drive
• Able to pass background check
• Able to work with technology or open to learning
• Interested in continuous improvement


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