Title Mover, Residential
Categories General Labor
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 2
Employment Type Temporary Staffing
Public Description

Requires Two (2) Residential Movers

Start Date: Saturday, August 19

Shift Hours: 7:00 AM through T.B.D. (Usually 6-Hours of actual Move Time)


Loading and Unloading of Furniture and Boxes from one location (House) to another location, (House or Storage Unit). Also responsible for assisting the client/homeowner in moving things in the area of relocation and placing things in their appropriate place(s).

Requires repetitive Heavy Lifting; must be able to Lift and Manipulate 100 Pounds unassisted and also lift heavier/bulkier items as a two or more person team.

Wage: Base Wage Rate is $10.50 per hour, minimum, but the Wage Rate will increase when actually at the Move Site either loading and unloading Furniture and Boxes or Moving Furniture within the Residence.

Drive Time and Busy Work Time (Cleaning the Moving Trucks, Sweeping the Shop, Cleaning and Organizing the Shop, basically: Non-Invoicable Time To The Move Client) will be paid at $10.50 per hour, minimum.

Additional Wage Rate Increases to be determined by Chris and Wes, based on performance and employee placements ability to be Prompt, Reliable, Work as a Team Member, Lead a Team or Drive the Truck (Must have a Chauffeurs License to Drive the Truck).







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