Title Operations Manager
Categories Office Clerical
Status Accepting Candidates
# of Openings 1
Employment Type Executive Recruitment
Public Description

Daily Duties: 

1) Oversee Inside Service Admins to ensure that Techs are scheduled and incoming calls are handles in a timely manor. 

Timely is defined as incoming Service Calls are Scheduled (meaning on the schedule for a communicated day/time with down units being priority. handled in a timely manner.

Techs are to be scheduled at least one business day in advance.

2) Oversee Installation Manager (who has 5 Reporting Employees) that Installations are prepared for the following day and customers who have orders that are received and ready for Install are scheduled.

3) Oversee Technicians and, if needed, we can have two Installers that can do Service) are prepared for their next 1-2 business days.  The goal is  that each Technician is billing $800 per day, including Parts and Labor and Overtime is kept to a minimum and approved by you if they are in Overtime.

4) Parts Ordering: Parts are ordered for down units within one business day if we do not have them in stock.  Before ordering parts, check stock.


Weekly Duties: 

1) Reporting of Scorecard Weekly


Monthly Duties:

1) Attend Company Meeting the first Wednesday of every month from 8:30 to 10 AM and have your company messages prepared for that meeting.

2) Have a separate Monthly Service Meeting with your Team.


Other Duties to be done within the first year:

1) Employee Reviews for each reportee

2) Develop Strategy for Service Department: Preventive Maintenance, Service Agreements and General Maintenance Agreements.

3) We have a Company Strategy Summit that is mandatory the Friday before 4th of July (unless the 4th of July is on a Saturday or Sunday) then we move to the one before or after.


Goals: (we will develop SMART Goals together, 30-Days after your Start Date, after you have had time to evaluate)

1) Develop Consistency and Process for Service Department

2) Training: Grow and Develop Employees

3) Prepare for Financial Growth: build the ground work for adding Techs and gaining more market share.  Directly applies to the above Goals the difference is building measurably around growth for 2019-2020.


Schedule: Monday through Friday with Saturdays, as required and Directed.

Hours: 7:30/8 AM to 4:30/5 PM (Flexible Schedule)


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