Title Vice President of Operations
Categories Snow Removal
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Vice President of Operations


Job Description


Title:                           VP of Operations


Department(s):          Operations


Reports To:               CEO





The VP of Operations along with the VP of Sales & Marketing and CFO participate under the guidance of the CEO and serve as the executive committee, participating, formulating and implementing programs and policies that support the company’s strategic direction. Specifically, this position is responsible for planning, implementation, management and oversight of operations across the company. Multiple operating locations across seven states are divided into two regional areas. Regional Managers, Director of Safety & Training, Director of Field Maintenance and the Manager of Central Automotive Report to the VP of Operations and through his/her direction support local management in the day-to-day operation of the company’s diverse business interests including; snow removal, street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, waste collection and heavy equipment rental. The company’s airport snow removal business which is the largest business segment is a dynamic, complex and often fluid operating environment which requires a high level of readiness with exacting policies, procedures, protocols, security clearances, vendor coordination, equipment staging, labor staging, communication, refueling plans and catering orchestrated by local management on an unscheduled event driven basis from comprehensive tactical plans developed in concert with and approved by the VP of Operations.




  • Provides guidance for direct reports in managing established programs, policies and procedures, reviews and evaluates location managers, operating locations, directs the implementation of programs and initiatives focused on continuous improvement in terms of; innovation, motivation, safety and training initiatives and other drivers that refine and improve operations and customer satisfaction.


  • Guides both the Director of Field Maintenance and the Director of Safety & Training to insure approved equipment preventative maintenance standards and policies are being practiced and employees are being adequately trained, coached and monitored to promote a safe working environment.


  • Mandates strict adherence to Federal, State and Local regulations that govern personnel, safety, training, facilities and operations.


  • Develops and maintains comprehensive Operations Manuals for each operating location by contract that govern service requirements and deployment including all pertinent information that govern the service to be provided, summary contract information, contacts, supervision, personnel, equipment, vendors, maintenance, communication, transportation and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) participation if required.


  • Position is responsible for financial management of operations company wide, including; budgeting, profitability, approved capital budget, periodic financial reviews, direct reports salary reviews, location specific salary and wage increase approvals, accounts payable approvals, MBE participation reporting, vendor contracts approval and the management of other related issues.



Required Experience:


BS Degree in Business Administration preferable, at least ten years’ experience in Senior Executive level management in large multiple location operations including; budgeting financial responsibility, providing subordinates tools for success, setting targets, managing programs and initiatives, monitoring progress and promoting a culture of accountability.  Construction and heavy equipment management is a real plus.  A consistently superior track record in meeting or exceeding corporate expectations and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to act quickly to find innovative solutions to obstacles in a fast paced environment.


Work: Location Port Washington, NY

Travel: 30%

When it snows on call 24/7

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