We offer a range of human resource and personnel management services and can customize them to your firm’s specific labor needs.  Our staffing services are divided into 3 categories:  Employee Leasing, Recruitment & Search, and Workforce Management

Employee Leasing

This is generally what comes to mind for most people when they think of staffing firms. With this type of service, MeritHall recruits, screens, and hires employees in order to build up a large pool of qualified employees. These employees are assigned to our clients based on their labor requirements for varying periods of time.  Duties and responsibilities in this type of staffing can vary from entry level labor to mid-level management.

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Recruitment & Search

If you are seeking to hire someone for an open position (and put them on your payroll), this is what you are looking for.  Payment is typically a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary.  In most cases we offer a full or partial refund of the fee or a replacement if the candidate does not last for a specified period of time at your company.

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Workforce Management

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Service Comparison

Recruitment & Search Employee Leasing Workforce Management
Screening & Skills Testing
Background Check
MVR Report
Drug Screening
Employment Paperwork
Workers’ Compensation
Unemployment Insurance
Health Insurance
Seasonal Flexibility
Employee Appreciation Events
Performance Reviews
Cell Phone Administration

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